The landlocked province of Nueva Vizcaya is as vibrant as its landscapes: the changing gradients of green in its agricultural plains, the punchy shades of its fruit and vegetable farms, the colorful threads of its bustling weaving and cultural hubs – all of which are not just a feast for the eyes, but also the other senses.

Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

See Ambaguio from up high. Get unparalleled views of Ambaguio’s green plains and hills from up high with Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding. The Paragliding company, which is the first in Nueva Vizcaya and the only PPHGA/FAI-licensed flying school in the region, guarantees a safe, exhilarating paragliding experience as you fly solo or in tandem with a friend. The camp’s cool weather may also be enjoyed through day tours or overnight glamping and camping stays.

Aruga Isinay Weaving. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Feel the textiles of Isinay weaving. Isinay weaving is making a comeback in a big way in Nueva Vizcaya. With the help of Aruga Handwovens, which was founded by Jeannie Lacay, more Isinay people are rekindling the weaving tradition which faded away in the province after the last generation of weavers in the 70s had no one to pass their knowledge to. Since Aruga’s establishment in 2018, a revived interest in the craft was seen after several workshops were conducted together with the local government and community elders. Here, you can see the weavers in action and see how the threads are spun into functional and fashionable pieces.

Macababbad’s Orchidarium. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Sip on traditional hot chocolate and coffee at Macababbad’s Orchidarium. This farm in Bayombong lets you enjoy traditional hot chocolate while surrounded by various orchid species that originated from different parts of the Philippines – with some even coming from the owner’s overseas travels. Their hot chocolate and coffee are made using beans grown right in the farm, letting visitors appreciate the entire process – from bean to cup. Either choice is best paired with the farm’s sumptuous baked goods like hopia, piaya, and other pastries served in an al fresco setting.

People’s Museum and Library. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Learn about the province’s heritage in the People’s Museum and Library. Formerly the Old Provincial Capitol Building, the People’s Museum and Library’s structure alone is an Important Cultural Property of the Municipality of Bayombong. It was first built in 1906, but was rebuilt after it burned down in 1926, then renovated again in 1945 after World War II. It now contains two storeys worth of  artifacts, documents, ethnic products, anthropological dioramas, and relics that give a glimpse into the social, cultural, political, religious, military, and educational history of the province.

Consuelo, Sta. Fe Forest Park. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Immerse yourself in nature and culture at Consuelo, Sta. Fe Forest Park. This reforested area spans 2,200-hectares, with well-established walking paths that let you soak up nature’s healing powers while remaining within proximity of basic amenities. The park is also known for its cultural demos such as indigenous weaving and basketry making.

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