Being the youngest province in the region, Quirino’s natural wonders and emerging tourism attractions have yet to make themselves fully known to adventure-seekers. Holding the upper tip of the Cagayan River, the largest river system in the Philippines, Quirino is traversed with rivers, rapids, rock formations, and closed-canopy forests that hold plenty of pockets for rugged outdoor adventures. Here’s a roundup of what you can explore when in the province. 

Wakeboarding at Quirino Watersports Complex. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Wakeboarding in the region’s only watersports park. Start your adventure at the Quirino Watersports Complex in Cabarroguis, which is one of the country’s newest wakeboarding and water sports destinations – and the only watersports park in Cagayan Valley. It boasts a 450-meter wakeboard cable, a 2.5-hectare lagoon, and a 251-square-meter deck area. Boardsports aren’t the only thing popular in the park – the venue itself is also available for different events and functions.

Tubing at Governor’s Rapids. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

River adventures at Governor’s Rapids. Believed to have been named after a Japanese Governor General who went missing in these waters during World War II, Governor’s Rapids today is a popular destination for kayaking, white river rafting, tubing, swimming, fishing and cliff-diving. It is a tributary of the Cagayan River, having deep, turbulent waters framed by limestone walls jutting out on the sides. The rapids and its surrounding areas are also an important habitat for the indigenous Dumagat and Agta groups. 

Cliff-jumping in Siitan Nature Park. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Cliff diving in Siitan Nature Park. Siitan Nature Park’s towering rock cliffs are commonly dotted with locals and thrillseekers who dare to cliff-jump into the cool waters of the Cagayan River.  Not into cliff-jumping? Alternatively, you can simply take in the rugged scenery or practice your nature photography skills here – the view, by itself, is worth the trip.

Towering trees of Aglipay Campsite. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Forest and cave-bathing in Aglipay Caves and Campsite. The thick forests of Aglipay offer a combination of meditation and exhilaration. Towering trees with intricate roots provide an enchanting natural backdrop for reconnecting with nature, while its famous 38 interlinked caves boast a wealth of natural features such as underground spring and well and pristinely preserved stalagmites and stalactites. Nothing less than an overnight camping stay is recommended to get the full experience.

Ganano Falls in Diffun Eco Park. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Waterfall trekking in Bagnes Nature Park and Diffun Eco Park. See four waterfalls in one trekking trip starting with Bagnes Nature Park and its three waterfalls: Sabangaran, Nantugao and Sinipit, and continue your way to the grand vision that awaits in Diffun Eco Park: the 80-meter-high Ganano Falls. The closed canopy forests of the parks provide ample shade that make the trek cool and pleasant.

Cultural Immersion in Baguio Village. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Highland cultural experience at Baguio Village. End an adventure-filled day with an enriching cultural immersion in Baguio Village. While it is usually the starting point for those who wish to trek to Bagnes Nature Park and Diffun Eco Park, it is also an educational attraction on its own. The village showcases Cordilleran culture, specifically that of the Diffun’s resident Kankanaeys, in a colorful showcase of dance, song, and cuisine. Pitch a tent, stay overnight, and relax by the bonfire while relishing your unforgettable experience of Qurino.  

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