Located almost right in the very heart of the Philippines, the province of Masbate is renowned for its vibrant cattle, agricultural, and fishing industry because of its rolling hills and coastal areas. The three islands that comprise Masbate each have a distinct charm and set of attractions that deserve a deeper look for those who wish to explore the lesser known gems of the Bicol Region. Here’s what you can check out in each captivating island.

Guinlubngan Island. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.
Kurukabayo Sandbar. Photo courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Masbate Island’s sandbars, parks, and historic attractions. The biggest of the three islands, Masbate Island contains the central city (Masbate City). Go island-hopping in Kurukabayo Island and Guinlubngan Island, enjoy the sun and sea in Palani White Beach and Porta Vega Beach, walk through the mangrove-lined paths of Pawa Mangrove Park, and visit the historic Bugui Point Lighthouse – the island’s northernmost point.

Sombrero Island. Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism.
Burias Island. Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism.

Burias Island’s virgin beaches. The island is most known for Sombrero Island, which  gets its name from its hat-like shape and virgin beaches. Complete your beach bumming experience in Burias Island by seeing the Animasola Island’s unique wafer-like stacks of rock formations and the gleaming sands and crystal clear waters of Tinalisayan Island up close – right in front of your eyes and beneath your toes.

Catandayagan Falls. Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism.

Ticao Island’s nature park, falls, and diving destinations. Aside from white sand beaches, Ticao Island is also home to the majestic Catandayagan Falls, whose cascades flow directly to the sea. You can also enjoy and have a serene, rejuvenating stay at Halea Nature Park to cap off a busy day of fun under the sun.

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